James Corden ‘Punched In The Face’ As He Moves Carpool Karaoke To New York Subway

Things got heated in the latest version of James Corden’s well-known Carpool Karaoke segment. The Carpool Karaoke host decided to switch things up for the 2018 Grammy Awards by recording a comedy sketch. Instead of picking up Sting and Shaggy in his car, the three of them took to a New York subway for a live performance and comedy skit to celebrate the Grammys coming back to NYC.

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The “subway riders”, who are clearly in on the joke, were seemingly unimpressed – even upset – with the Late Late Show host and his segment. The trio started off with the hit single Every Breath You Take from The Police before getting interrupted by a man in a construction outfit hilariously telling them to “knock it off.”

The late-night host and his musical guests weren’t easily deterred, though, and switched over to Shaggy’s It Weren’t Me to try and warm up the crowd. The “commuters” weren’t having any of it, one man referring to them as street performers looking to get paid while another woman tells the British host bluntly, “No one wants to hear YOU sing.”

Refusing to give up, the three of them belt out Sting and Shaggy’s new single, Don’t Make Me Wait. The latest song and first duet between the two of them are from their new record 44/876. James Corden tells commuters the segment is for the Grammys, but the “angry” commuters are at their breaking point, one elderly woman telling the Carpool Karaoke host she doesn’t want to be on his “stupid YouTube video.”

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After some booing from the unappreciative crowd, the construction worker who warned the three of them to “knock it off” at the beginning of the video returns. He threatens Corden to get off at the next stop but the Late Late Show host refuses to back down. The two exchange words before the construction worker punch the Carpool Karaoke host right in the face!

James Corden 'Punched In The Face'

The video then cuts to Shaggy and Sting with a bloody-nosed Corden sitting between them. Sting asks, “Whose stupid idea was this?” Shaggy’s response: “Wasn’t Me.” Clever.

Carpool Karaoke host James Corden did the special comedy sketch for his second time hosting the Grammys. Watch the full video below!

James Corden 'Punched In The Face' Giphy

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