Company Releases Gun That Takes Out Its Targets From 2 Miles Away

Enemies of the free world are about to need a change of pants, because this rifle was made to instill fear in their hearts. The Anzio 20mm rifle is an American-made piece of equipment that looks and sounds like something out of the fictional world of Tony Stark’s weapon company. In a video by, a professional was given the exclusive opportunity to fire three shots with the monster rifle. It’s almost hard to believe that a rifle that big exists!

The rifle is an 80-inch piece of equipment with a 49-inch long barrel that weighs a little over 130 pounds. The most impressive thing about this rifle isn’t its size or weight, it’s the distance it covers. Anzio guarantees that the firing accuracy of the rifle is close to 3,500 meters, with a maximum shooting distance of 5,000 yards.


The $11,000 rifle isn’t a vanity weapon for civilians. It was designed with American soldiers in mind: the long distance it covers could save the lives of thousands of snipers fighting overseas, reducing casualties to zero if the military manages to implement these weapons across the army.

Some other features included in the Anzio 20 mm rifle are a heavy duty clam-shell brake, a detachable box magazine, and extremely low recoil. According to Tactical, it comes with controls, optic placement and handling similar to the more common ArmaLife rifles.

The website also reports that Anzio’s Mike Remo has been working with firearms for 16 years. One of his main goals is to achieve excellent accuracy and minimal recoil. Government and security forces have confirmed that the weapons made by Anzio Ironworks live up to the promises made by the company.  

As a result of the reputation gained by the company, the FBI put in a request to be the only purchaser of the Anzio 20mm rifle starting in 2009. Many professionals and weapons experts argue that the army would benefit more from such a weapon, rather than the FBI.

Either way, it’s an incredible thing to witness. In the video demonstration, it looks like the silencer can’t really contain the power of the sound of each shot. It’s a testament to how far we’ve come since the first and second war in terms of weaponry, and one that should warn the rest of the world to be careful when fighting against Americans in a battlefield.

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