Dog With ‘Disfigured’ Face Is Neglected By Family After Family, Until Angel Showed Up

Adopting an animal is one of the best feelings anyone can ever feel. I mean think about it, you are bringing in an animal that was neglected, or mistreated and giving them a forever home. Reading stories like this will make you feel incredible, and maybe even make you shed a tear or two. Or just generally ball your eyes out.

Meet Lucky. He’s a gorgeous dog who hasn’t had the easiest life. Lucky is just your typical four-legged pupper. Only one thing, he was born with a facial deformity at a puppy mill. Because of this deformity, Lucky has been neglected by numerous owners. Nobody wanted to adopt him. Safe to say, he’s had a brutal kind of life.

Lucky has been through numerous places where he’s lived. He even ended up in a shelter where he was the least popular pup. Owners wanted to give him up so badly, that they gave him away completely free. That is heartbreaking. Eventually Lucky ended up with a family in Austin. But sadly, they neglected him once again.

You see, the family in Austin had a number of cats who just did not get along with Lucky. That forced the family to keep him outside 24/7. That wasn’t the best living conditions for him…at all.

Throughout the day, Lucky would be tied to a tree where he didn’t get enough food or a comfy place to sleep. On top of all this, he couldn’t get the attention that he needed and the love that he so desperately desired.

So once the family decided to move homes, they dropped Lucky off at a shelter and volunteers began to look for a new place for Lucky to live. While this search was happening, Lucky stayed with the family until they moved.

Eventually, Lucky was adopted by another family, but again…he was dropped off at the shelter. Volunteers, yet again, were determined to find him a forever home. Then a simple post changed everything. One of the shelter’s volunteers took Lucky out to get him some grooming, and she posted a few photos of him on social media.

The post had reached a woman named Jamie Hult and instantly she wanted to meet this adorable puppy! She told iHeartdogs, “It just happened to be somebody in my dog rescue world, so right away I contacted him and said ‘I want that dog. I don’t even want to foster it, I wanna take that dog’”.

Sadly, Lucky had a pretty severe medical situation because of his malnourishment and constant neglect. He didn’t even have a microchip and had a number of fleas and heartworms. Jamie new it wouldn’t be easy, but she knew she wanted to take him…not matter what.

Even though it wasn’t easy, Lucky made a full recovery and is now 100% healthy. Thanks to Jamie and the volunteer, Lucky found his forever home. Jamie was ready to give Lucky a second chance at life, and decided to even give him a new name: Beaux Tox. She noted, “The reason I named him Beaux Tox is because clearly he looks like he needs botox, and that’s okay…”

She continued, “We appreciate beauty in all forms. And the dog bills cost me a fortune which is the reason I don’t have botox!”. Now, it’s been a year since Jamie took this adorable dog in and he’s not a pretty active four-footer and LOVES the water. Jamie also got two new pups to play with Beaux!

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