24 Funny And Cute Dog Snapchats That Will Make Your Day

It’s true what they say, a dog is a man’s best friend. Almost every human being loves dogs and if they say they don’t like dogs, all they have to do is go out and get one.

In no time they will be sleeping with their dog and giving it everything its heart desires.

So it comes as no surprise that when we see photos on Snapchat of dogs we feel pure joy. Below is a list of 24 funny and cute dog Snapchats that will make your day.

1. Take Me With You: Dogs are animals that seem to be programmed to protect those around them. So it comes as no surprise that this pit-bull wouldn’t leave the shelter until the chihuahua came with him. This dog Snapchat is cute on so many levels. First because of what the pit-bull did, second because the owners were so nice, and third because that chihuahua looks super happy.

Imgur /u/ oligarchy

2. Skype Time: If any of you have spent time away from your dog you know how lonely you get. But you also know how lonely your dog gets. That’s why this dog Snapchat is so darn cute. After staying up way past his bedtime to skype with his owner, he fell fast and sound asleep.

3. Sign Language: Everyone knows that dogs are insanely intelligent animals. They are able to pick up on human feelings and figure a way around places effortlessly. This also applies to dogs who are deaf. This owner learned to sign for their deaf dog and the dog actually knows what is being signed to it. This is so cute.

4. The Real Scooby-Doo: Scooby-Doo was one of the most popular child TV shows, and still is, for the millennial generation. We remember being kids and trying to figure out if there were any dogs that actually looked like Scooby. This person was able to find the real Scooby-Doo and made a dog snapchat out of their find. What a lucky person.

Reddit /u/ Snaileyho

5. Cat Got Your…: This dog snapchat takes the “cat’s got your tongue,” slogan to a cute and funny level. When this dog and cat met they got along instantly. The dog even let the cat play around with it without ever getting mad. This shows how compassionate and patient our beloved dogs are.

6. Dog Made Raincoat: For those of you who own a dog, you know that they love to go outside. But not all dogs like to go outside when it’s raining. This dog snapchat shows how intelligent dogs can be when it comes to compromising their way outside. The dog didn’t want to get wet but still wanted to hang outside, so it invented its own raincoat.

7. I Want The Front Seat: This dog snapchat exposed that dogs sometimes act just like children. These two dogs were fighting over who was going to get the front seat and funny enough the bigger dog won. What makes this dog snapchat even funnier is the look on the little dog’s face.

8. Birthday Celebration: When you love your dog, you end up treating them like they are family. And just like with every family member they have birthdays that deserve to have birthday parties. This dog snapchat shows how happy dogs get when they get their birthday celebrated.

9. Dogfie: Humans take selfies because they want you to see how good they look or where they are hanging out. That is true for dogfies also, better known as dog selfies. That’s what makes this funny dog snapchat so adorable. These two beautiful dogs are hanging out at the beach and want their snapchat friends to know it.

10. That Will Keep The Bullies Away: Just like people, dogs get bullied. This poor dog was being bullied for a long time by other dogs. But just like our parents, the owners of this dog started finding out ways to protect their animal. They ended up buying their dog a Coyote vest that will shield it from being bullied again.

Imgur /u/ Imakeyoulaughlongtime

11. Not Getting Your Feet Cold: This is one adorable dog snapchat. Carrying those we love on our back is nothing new, and there is nothing new about dogs doing it either. But having the chance to catch a dog carrying his little brother is a sight for sore eyes. We want more of these right now.

Reddit /u/ missjardinera

12. Things Are About To Get Wet: If you and your dog are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard you better be prepared for the repercussions. Those repercussions are clearly laid out in this dog snapchat. As soon as that dog gets all wet and hyper they are going to jump on you and make sure you get wet and hyper also. For those of you who haven’t experienced this before, we are sorry.

Reddit /u/ richardec

13. When You Fall In Love: There are always people who say they don’t want to own a dog or that they don’t like dogs. To them, we give you this dog snapchat. All it takes is for the dog to actually come to your home for you to instantly fall in love with it. You’ll be suffering from separation issues in no time.

14. Dogs Make All Kinds Of Friends: Dogs are some of the most compassionate animals on the planet. So it is no wonder they make friends with all kinds of animals. Usually, it is rare to see a bird and a dog get along. But this dog Snapchat is here to prove otherwise. It turns out a dog isn’t only a man’s best friend but also bird’s best friend.

Twitter /u/ @importantmeagan

15. Nap Time: There is a huge assumption that cats and dogs don’t get along. Some people avoid getting both a cat and a dog for this reason. But this dog snapchat is here to prove otherwise. This cat and dog are living together and have got the same sleep patterns. This is so cute we think our hearts are going to burst.

16. Pillow Steal: If you are missing some pillows in your bedroom this dog Snapchat may have the reason why. Us humans love to be comfy when we go to sleep, so it isn’t a surprise that our animals want to be comfy also. If a pillow falls off someone’s bed then a dog is going to think it’s theirs and rightfully so. They want a nice pillow to rest their heads on also.

17. Painting or Window: For those of you who own a dog you know that they can spend hours looking out the window. It turns out that they love to look at anything that resembles a window also. Well, according to this dog Snapchat. This painting must have a very realistic quality to it if it is tricking this smart dog into thinking it’s actually a window. Or maybe the dog really likes fine art.

18. Strike That Pose: We have never witnessed anything like this dog Snapchat before. All we can say is that this dog really should be a model for dog clothing or anything related to dogs. We also can’t help but think how random and funny it would be to walk into a room and see this dog flawlessly posing around the house.

Reddit /u/ susie2014susie

19. Doggie Revolution: This is one hilarious dog Snapchat. We have all seen those signs that say no dogs are allowed on the beach. For dog owners, and dog lovers, we have wanted to take those signs down and discard of them. It turns out dogs have the same feeling but this one took action on this injustice



20. Carry Me, I’m Tired: Big dogs rarely ever get carried around because they are too heavy for us humans to pick up for too long. This dog snapchat is hilarious because the dog appears bigger than the owner herself. This dog didn’t care though and jumped on her to give her a hug. It also looks like this wolfdog got a little too comfortable and is expecting to get carried around.

21. Best Dog Friends: There is no greater friend to a dog than a fellow dog. As you can tell from this adorable dog snapchat, dogs love it when they have a dog companion to hang out with. If you have one dog, think about getting another so you can take dog snapchats that have your dog looking as happy as this one does.

22. Can I Come Up Front?: Pugs always look cute and funny, so any dog snapchat that has a pug in it is definitely going to make anyone’s day. But this one is one of the bests we’ve seen. This adorable pug is really trying to be the shotgun driver in the car. If it was us we would pick that pug up immediately and give it what it wants.

Reddit /u/ zzzman82

23. Not Invited: There is nothing that can break a million hearts like a sad dog. So beware of this next dog snapchat photo. It looks as though this dog found out he wasn’t invited to the garden party and was really upset. If we were having a garden party we would be sure to invite our dog and any of his doggie friends.

24. Beach Time: Every dog loves to go to the beach and they are always saddened to leave it. And this dog snapchat proves that no matter how many years old a dog gets, they will always love going to the beach. The dog’s face is so cute and happy that we feel we are going to burst with joy.

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