24 Genius Inventions For Kids That Make Parents’ Lives Easier

Most of us grew up with the same child-rearing products our parents did, but the kids of today are starting to have a lot more options. While the essentials like soothers and baby bottles aren’t going anywhere, the advancement of technology has resulted in a wide array of new contraptions that aim to make parents’ lives just a little bit easier.

It might be a little while until you see some of these innovative products on baby registries, but there’s no denying that they will be game changers for most parents.

From strollers that fit in your purse to tech-savvy cribs, these contraptions change the way parents monitor, play with, and nurture their little one. Here are 25 genius inventions for kids that truly modernize the art of parenting.

1. It’s not easy for new parents to have their baby so far away from them while sleeping, but the risks associated with sharing the bed outweigh that yearning. However, the Culla Belly Co-Sleeper from Bimbi Si offers a safe alternative. This portable baby crib attaches to your bed so that you can be in close proximity while still having your child safely separated during the night.

Bimbi Si

2. All parents know that most meals tend to end up on the floor rather than in their kid’s stomach. However, this Gyro Bowl makes dishware more kid-proof and spill-proof than ever before. The inner bowl rotates 360 degrees so the opening is always facing up — even in the grips of destructive toddler hands.

3. Say goodbye to the days of experimental microwave timing with the iiamo Go! This inventive baby bottle has a self-heating function so you can warm a bottle of formula without the limitations of electricity or a cord. The perfect feeding bottle for parents who find themselves always on the go.

4. The Withings Baby Monitor does a lot more than let you hear your baby, it allows you to live stream video from your phone and even talk to your little one. The product also features a lullaby light, sound programs to promote sleep, and air quality sensors to track unsafe levels.

5. Why carry around a printed off ultrasound picture when you can show off your unborn baby in real time? The MobiUS Portable Ultrasound System makes getting a glimpse into the womb possible anywhere! This game changing futuristic device can even expedite diagnosis and guide injections, aspirations and line placements.

6. Products that are versatile can be real saviors for parents who often find themselves having to lug around multiple baby bags. The SnoofyBee works as a diaper clutch, a changing pad, and a portable diapering playmat. The sides even fold up so can keep those hands contained during changing time.

7. Rocking horses and play mats are staples of childhood, which is why Alex Ping Fun Ng came up with the innovative idea of combining the two into one product. These fun and colorful play mat pieces double as a 3D puzzle for kids to construct their own multi-functional rocking horse.

8. Cooling off in the summer is never as fun as it is with a good ol’ water balloon fight. However, anyone who has had to fill up water balloons knows that it’s not the quickest process, which makes it difficult to keep up with warfare demand. Luckily, this product allows you to fill 100 water balloons in a minute so there will be no battle lulls.

9. Feeding a baby isn’t always easy, but this Boon Squirt silicone baby food dispensing spoon helps make it a little bit easier. This device allows for convenient one-handed feeding without having to continually dip the spoon. Squirt removes the jar and the mess from the equation so parents can feed on the go.

10. The Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System connects with music playing devices so you can add a womb soundtrack of your choice. The 4 speaker belt system places speakers strategically so that your baby receives a high quality 360 degree audio experience. Turn those baby kicks into some toe tappin’!


11. Save your child from future abandonment issues by installing the Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX with SensorSafe. The innovative car seat makes a sound when you arrive at a destination so you remember your baby is in the back. Hey, we all need reminders every now and then, especially exhausted parents.

12. There’s something about the rocking motion that helps all of us drift off to la la land a little easier, but this rocking chair cradle lets parents in on the action as well. The Rockid allows parents to rock their baby to sleep as effortlessly as it is to rock oneself in a rocking chair.

13. Bath time tends to happen a lot more frequently for kids than it does adults, which can make waiting for the tub to fill a bit of a nuisance. Luckily, the Baby Dam bathtub divider allows you to save water, energy, time, space, and money while washing your little one.

14. Getting your kids to learn to wash their hands is important, but it doesn’t make it easy when it’s a struggle for them to reach into the sink. The Aqueduck faucet handle extender adds a splash of fun to washing your hands while making it so the stream of water is more accessible.

15. Unless you’re at a kid-friendly establishment, you can’t always expect there to be seating available for your baby, which is why this YummiGo portable booster seat is such a great idea. Not only does contraption have a three-point safety harness system with adjustable straps, it also doubles as a storage system.

16. Babies may be comfortable splashing around in the tub, but the parents often have to get into some pretty awkward positioning to wash them. This safety mat for babies, AQUATOPIA, prevents slipping, adds comfort when kneeling, and has pockets to keep things like soaps and shampoos close at hand.

17. Folding strollers are nothing new, but most of these products are still large and awkward enough that they can easily hinder the traveling experience. This Pockit Lightweight Stroller changes the game with its unique ability to fold down to 12x7x14” while weighing under 10 lbs in just a matter of seconds.

18. Gerber BabyNes makes preparing formula easier than ever. The innovative device can make a single-serving bottle, at the desired temperature, in just under a minute. Not only is this system precise and hygienic, it also uses Wi-Fi to offer smart services like tracking your baby’s growth and receive feeding alerts.

19. With televisions hanging around, it can be hard for the dinner table to compete entertainment-wise, but this clever tablecloth brings creativity and fun to dinner time. This highly durable, washable tablecloth allows for an open canvas with every meal. A good time for kids of any age, even the adult ones.

20. The SNOO Smart Sleeper is the world’s first smart crib, designed by America’s top pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp. This high-tech device aims to help parents get some well-deserved shut eye by boosting sleep with white noise, delivering a gentle rocking motion when crying is detected, and even jiggling when the baby is upset.

21. Meal time rarely goes without a mess with little ones, but this place mat can make clean up much easier. This portable infant place mat uses suction cups to stay in place, has a ‘scoop’ to catch food as it falls, and integrates an outer rim to help contain any spills.

22. Changing pads have come a long way since we were infants. The Hatch Baby Grow smart changing pad not only provides a comfortable place for your baby, it also doubles as a scale. This changing pad has a built-in, wireless smart scale that helps track your baby’s weight between doctor visits.

23. This UV Rechargeable Sanitizing Wand allows parents to kill up to 99.9% of germs on surfaces of things like counters and baby items without even having to touch them. Anyone who has ever cleaned up after a baby or a kid knows that there are some messes you really don’t want to touch hands-on.

24. This Starling device by VersaMe tracks the amount of words your baby hears a day and allows you to see metrics on verbal engagement, motion, noise, and even sunlight exposure. The product aims to boost every area of child development, and according to the website, “The more words a child hears, the smarter they become.”

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