Kim Kardashian Playing Softball In This Strip Of Fabric Is Really A Sight To See

Anyone who follows Kim Kardashian knows she’s the biggest Yeezy fan out there. The social media mogul promotes husband Kanye West’s fashion brand faithfully and relentlessly. Whenever a new season of Yeezy comes out, you can bet Kim K will be rocking those new styles, no matter where she’s going or what she’s doing.

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With the release of Yeezy Season 7, the star has been seen wearing multiple pieces from the collection in a single day and posting a bunch of pap pictures showcasing the outfits to social media. So, it’s not surprising that Kim Kardashian decided to step out in Yeezy to play a little softball. Considering the line is relatively casual, it may not seem unusual that she took some physical activity as an opportunity to promote Yeezy yet again.

The reality star managed to get a lot of attention for her outfit, but not for the reasons she was probably hoping for. Her athleisure outfit, which was head-to-toe Yeezy, had some fans a little confused. At first glance, it may seem that Kim Kardashian is wearing a sports bra with some casual jogging pants and runners. Reasonable enough.

However, when fans looked further into the outfit so they could steal the star’s look they noticed that what they assumed was a sports bra was actually just a ‘knit string bra’.


This left several fans confused as to what exactly was holding up Kim’s chest, and why she thought this was an appropriate outfit to play catcher in. Not to mention her waist-long icy blonde/pink hair isn’t even pulled back! Really Kim?


The social media star is known for her curves, so one would assume she would be familiar with wearing the right athletic attire that offers proper support.

It looks like Kim’s curves, along with pretty much the rest of the Kardashian family, defy gravity and we’ll just have to sit here and appreciate it from afar.

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