Here’s The Latest On The Drama Between The ‘What Not To Wear’ Hosts

A lot of us loved to watch the hit TLC show “What Not To Wear” back in the day. The show itself was great, but the hosts and their closeness are really what kept us glued to the TV screen. Stacy London and Clinton Kelly were quite the duo.

But in case you haven’t heard, recently the two have been having a bit of drama between each other. It all started out with Twitter, of course. If you aren’t familiar with the drama, I’ll fill you in on what’s been going on so far.

Recently, Kelly was tagged in a photo on Twitter along with his past co-star London. The two have been colleagues for ten years. Anyways, Kelly realized that he had been blocked from viewing London’s account. Ouch.

But it gets even more awkward. London even ended up responding to the tweet that both she and Kelly were mentioned in. But she didn’t even acknowledge Kelly…at all.

Fans of “What Not To Wear” couldn’t believe that these two that they had watched on TV for so long might be on bad terms in real life. It’s pretty heartbreaking for a lot of us.

So what exactly is the latest update on this? Well, Clinton Kelly was on Thursday’s episode of The Chew and he addressed the apparent feud between him and Stacy.

He said on the show, “It was like getting like a little slap in the face…And like what is that all about? Like, why? And how? And when?”. Kelly let fans in on how it felt being barred from his former co-host’s timeline.

The show also asked him to address another question that is on the minds of fans: What is tea? But he noted that there actually might not be any. He said, “Because I literally don’t know whether she blocked me yesterday or a year ago or a month ago.”

Looks like Kelly is as much out of the know as the rest of us are. He also told The Chew that maybe London accidentally blocked him, but she has yet to unblock him. The problem is that London is remaining silent about all of this.

Though her Twitter account is still active and she’s going about like nothing ever happened. But she hasn’t directly addressed the matter. According to BuzzFeed News, they have tried to reach out to London’s rep a few times, but have yet to hear back from her.

Fans are on top of all this mysterious drama. One fan tweeted, “I feel like a college student whose parents never loved each other and divorced after high school because “your dad and I just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

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