25 Absurd Pics You Can’t Turn Away From

What? Where… Who… Why am I looking at this? How did I get to this point in my life? What decisions did I make that brought me here, staring deeply into this image while trying to decipher its meaning? It’s a puzzle, truly an enigma, yes, I must look deeper…

Get ready, dear reader, to pose yourself these very questions. The images you are about to see are disturbing in nature, but not in the “liveleak” way. They’re the kinds of images that make you cock your head to one side and say “huh?”. That’s right good reader, get ready to enter the wild and weird world of 25 Absurd Pics You Can’t Turn Away From.

1. Handing down genes. This young man is truly a product of his parents, showcased ever so subtly in his thumbs. What has two thumbs and is definitely not adopted? THIS GUY!

2. Nailed it! As a man who bites his nails, I can’t tell exactly how this poor girl feels but I can certainly attempt to imagine it. You did too just now, I bet? I know, I know, really cringey.

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