25 Times Actions Had Unintended Consequences

There have been times in everyone’s lives when their actions had unintended consequences. These consequences may have been bad, like leaving your car window open during a snowstorm. Or these consequences may have been good, like finding a really expensive ring on a vegetable you grew.

Below is a list of 25 times actions had unintended consequences.

1. Snow In Car: When this person left their window rolled down it had a big unintended consequence. The snow ended up going into the car and filling it. We think this car owner might not have known that the window of their car was rolled down during the storm. If the person did know they probably would’ve checked on the car. This makes for two actions that led to unintended consequences.

2. Nitrous Oxide System Car Explosion: We might not have known that nitrous oxide could explode at high temperatures, but we do now. This person had a nitrous booster in their car and it ended up exploding the whole back end of it. He probably installed the nitrous boost to give his car more power, but unfortunately, his action had an unintended consequence.

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