25 Subtle Adult Jokes In Kids’ Movies And Shows

If you revisit some of your favorite childhood movies now, you might realize there were a number of jokes that went right over your head. While the target audience for these films is children, the creators are adults, which can sometimes result in some sly innuendos thrown into the mix. Here we have compiled all the best adult jokes hidden in children’s cartoons that you may have missed as a kid.

1. Justice League Unlimited. We all know that The Flash is a super speedy dude, but most of us probably didn’t pick up on Hawkgirl’s dig as kids. Her suggestion that he can’t get a date due to his speedy nature is a subtle jab at his stamina in the bedroom.

2. The Powerpuff Girls. Sugar, spice, and everything nice! See, the joke here is that the Powerpuff Girls, who were literally created by accident, have this new friend who was also apparently created by “accident.”

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