25 Adults Whose Parents Still Treat Them Like Kids

So you think you’re all grown up, do you? You may feel that way because you’ve moved out, graduated, gotten your first car or maybe you’ve even gone on a globetrotting adventure to find yourself. However, there are a select few people who will always see you as a kid. Who? Your parents, of course! Check out these next few parents and how they treated their adult children as, well, children!

1. The cat is actually his brother. It’s a long story. This poster’s mother made matching ties for her young gentleman son and his feline companion. One may wonder if they’re getting matching degrees too, as the ties were to go to a graduation.

2. The sweetest mother you’ve ever encountered. Here’s the story behind this one: The poster is 34 years old, married and a father of two, so it’s safe to say he’s moved out of his mother’s house. However, sometimes his mom will sneak into his office building and leave him lunch. That means she has to get a pass from security and go up three floors on an elevator. Adorable?

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