25 Pictures Of Insignificant Things That Are Mildly Annoying

There are plenty of things in this world that are annoying, but some of us find ourselves unnecessarily infuriated by tiny things. In fact, there’s an entire Reddit page dedicated to these insignificant frustration triggers. Thought it was just you? Some of these annoyances may be more universal than you’d think. Here are 25 pictures of things that annoy people more than they should.

1. Peel Seal. Ever peel a seal only to reveal the paper lining underneath still in place? It’s an irksome occurrence that seems like it happens more than it should. There’s nothing worse than an extra step you didn’t think you’d have to make.

2. Sticky Handles. No pancake is complete without a little syrup drizzled over it. However, once your fork handle meets your pancake topper, it can feel like game over. There’s no saving your utensil now.

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