25 Astonishing Things That Have Happened On This Planet

Crikey! Hi, I’m Jack Durango and welcome to Jack Durango’s Wildabango!

As you all know, I am Australia’s absolute worst wildlife expert. Fortunately for Bestie, that means I’m affordable! So join me today as I take you through some of the wildest things that you might not see every day.

This is 25 Astonishing Things That Have Happened On This Planet!

1. Lightning over a volcano eruption in Chile. I’d like to start with this picture of smoke and ash erupting from a volcano in Chile. Which volcano, you ask? I DID say I was Australia’s WORST wildlife expert, didn’t I? Anyways, this ash and smoke are so bloody ripped it creates its own lightning! How does it create lightning, you ask? Please read the previous sentence.

2. A baby swordfish. Right, so this little guy right here looks like something terrifying you’d find at the bottom of the sea, or a crayfish or a yabby or something, but it’s actually a baby swordfish! These guys can grow up to 20ft in size and actually learn swordplay by the age of 5!

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