25 Clever Hacks To Make Cooking Way Easier

Come gather ‘round people, wherever ye roam, and check out these clever cooking hacks I’ve shown!

If you’ve come here, it’s likely you’re hoping for some awesome cooking hacks to make your life way easier and I promise you that you’ve come to the right place. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies at home. I’ve had some stinker experiences in the kitchen from anything like making pasta that tasted like glue, to cookies that tasted, smelled and looked like… well, let’s not go there. However, over the years I’ve developed some essential skills, hacks, and ways of organizing my kitchen that have made my life a great deal easier!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned cook or amateur chef who’s just starting out cooking for the first time, these hacks have changed the way I work and cook around the kitchen. It is my hope that they serve you well! Pass them onto people you know! Knowledge is power!

1) Freeze leftover onions, celery, tomatoes, etc: If you’re anything like me, when you buy fresh produce often it’ll go bad because you aren’t using enough of it quickly enough. When I’m taking time to cook a large pot of soup or something and I happen to chop up too much celery, onions or tomatoes or anything that might be used, I simply take a ziplock bag, put the excess vegetables in the bag, and put them in the freezer until I think I can use them again. They keep reasonably well and it’s less wasteful.

2) Wait for your oven to finish preheating before using it: I can’t express enough how important this hack/rule is. When you don’t wait for your oven to preheat before starting to cook any recipe, whatever you place in the oven won’t be properly cooked because the oven hasn’t reached the temperature you need it to be at. Waiting for your oven to preheat will benefit your cooking in the long run. Just be patient.

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