25 Brilliant Ways To Use Common Baby Products For Adults

Whether you’re taking care of someone else’s baby or through a series of unfortunate and regrettable events you produced your own, now you’re stuck with this screaming, smelly, occasionally painful and even less occasionally adorable blob of unspeaking flesh. And along with the blob comes a veritable entourage of blob products, from shampoos to oils to… butt paste? Alright, this is getting really weird.

Don’t worry, because do we have a secret for you. These expensive, “baby only” products… aren’t just for babies AT ALL. In fact, they can be used on regular humans as well.

Yes my dear, dear readers, this is 25 Brilliant Ways To Use Common Baby Products For Adults.

1. Boudreaux’s butt paste isn’t just for butts. Have you been taking your child to the mosquito pits too often? I know I have, which is why I use healthyway.com’s recommended Boudreaux’s butt paste for MY bad mosquito bites and irritated skin. Now I can bring my baby to bug infested lagoons without fear of irritation. Just West Nile Virus.

2. Baby shampoo is a super gentle cleanser. When I’m not scratching at my litany of mosquito bites, I find that my sensitive skin becomes incredibly irritated when I try to soap it. That’s why I use healthyway.com recommended child’s shampoo in order to get a cleanser that won’t hurt my delicate skin. Don’t worry, I give my baby MY shampoo, so as to toughen his skin up so his won’t end up like me. It’s kind of the same reason why I named him Sue.

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