Astonished People Share Their Most Unusual Coincidence Stories

Some of us tend to believe that there is a divine creator in this world. The beauty, the intricacies and the delicate designs that have constituted this world seem to point to an intelligent mind behind all this.

When you look at the hollow bones of the birds that allow them to fly or the camouflaging capabilities of a cephalopod, we can quickly see that there is a beauty and a design behind the world that we live in. Even the environment that we have been born into is specifically bred so that living things can excel there. Things such as nitrogen, oxygen, and water that is present on Earth make this place just perfect for living things. And then when we zoom out and look at how galaxies resemble brain neurons and how stardust is literally found in all of us, it’s kind of hard for us to deny a greater intelligent being. But on a subjective level, we can look back at our lives and find instances where things just seem to come together. Coincidences that seem to favor you or chance encounters that you literally just thought of.


‘I met a girl in Romania and we ended up spending a lot of time together. Years later when I went to Paris I saw her in the elevator. I was genuinely surprised and when I brought it to her attention she was a little shocked. But after a quick introduction, we ended up hitting it off as if the years between us were never there.’ (Guarav Deshmukh)


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