People Share Stories About Their Strange Experiences From Childhood That They Only Understood As Adults

Ah, childhood. That magical time when you form all the horrifying, embarrassing memories you’ll be trying to forget for years to come.

Sometimes, we’re innocent enough that our mind just skips over the actual implications of an event, leaving us to piece it together in the years to come, like the world’s lousiest scavenger hunt.

A recent Reddit forum asked users asked about the biggest “aha!” moment they had as adults that fully explained strange childhood memories, and they absolutely delivered. From cringe-worthy to cute, from not-a-big-deal to near-deadly, 24 people share the moment they made sense of their childhood experiences.

1. “My mom has MS and didn’t want me and my sister to see how bad it could get when we were little. So we would go to Chuck E. Cheese all day on her worst days during the summer, or if she couldn’t cook during the school year, we’d have Eggos for dinner! Me and my sister thought those days were the coolest things and so much fun. It took me years to realize she was doing it so we weren’t scared.” (potatogodlives)


2. “When I was in kindergarten, we had a little bathroom in our classroom (like a supply closet, but with plumbing) that we could use so that we wouldn’t have to go down the hall whenever we needed to. One day, while I was in there, I realized that there was no toilet paper. My solution was to walk out of the bathroom, pants down, in front of the whole class, and explain to my teacher the situation, in the middle of her lesson. It’s one of those memories that makes me physically cringe anytime I think about it.” (lannisters-debt)

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