People Share Stories About The Most They’ve Seen A Former Classmate Change At A High School Reunion

High school can be a difficult time for many different reasons. It can also be an awesome time if you’re one of the lucky few who enjoys their time there.

However, for many different reasons, a lot of people end up changing a great deal after their teenage years. In a recent Reddit thread, internet users took to discuss witnessing their former classmates in their most dramatic changes yet. The following 25 people shared stories about those pubescent classmates who grew up to lead radically different lives than the people they were in high school.

1) Zero To Hero: A girl at my high school was routinely picked on by bullies because she was poor. Her mother also worked a minimum wage job, and her dad was unemployed. People used this to tease her about being poor and such. It was awful. To be honest, I don’t know how people even caught sight of her, because she was always quiet and would walk around unnoticed. She always approached her bullies with patience and a strangely accepting nature. Last year she resurfaced on Facebook with a family, and a University degree. It turns out she joined the army and became the captain of the air corps. It was nice to see. (Reddit user: SamaelIV)

2) Ex-High School Boyfriend: My high school BF was the captain of the soccer team, had a record for the 2-mile run, and was on our student council. He was also voted the best character at the end of high school. I learned that later he dropped out of three colleges, dropped out of his law school, and he dropped out of his ESL program he was teaching. He also did time in prison for assault on a minor. I will always wonder what happened for him to go downhill like that. (Reddit user: skynologerblue)

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