Mother Illustrates What It’s Really Like To Have Kids In These 25 Illustrations

French illustrator Nathalie Jomard has carved a very special name for herself in the online world by showing us all exactly what life is like as a mother.

A lot of movies or tv shows seem to glamorize what it’s like raising children, but often they skip over the small details that REALLY capture the sacrifice, trauma, hilarity, and complete loss of social life that many parents have to deal with.

Many expecting mothers and fathers get really excited when they have their first child. For a short while after the birth (or adoption), there is this marvelous serenity where everything seems right in the world. A few beginner sleepless nights seem to be nothing for you, after all, this is an exciting new frontier! Then one day, you wake up, and your child is two. They’ve emptied an entire canister of hot chocolate mix all over the floor, and your spouse doesn’t have the heart to tell you that they’re expecting another child. Zounds! What does one do? Well, the best medicine for this trouble is always laughter and love. The following 25 illustrations by Nathalie Jomard perfectly showcase what life is like as a new mother.

1) Breastfeeding: What seems like a natural mother-child connection can sometimes feel more like you’re trying to feed a piranha. This drawing shows what sacrifice a mother goes through to feed their child. If doing it the natural way doesn’t work, a good long while with a vacuum attached to your body might extract enough milk for your child to drink… if you’re lucky.

k1 Nathalie Jomard

2) Want To Sleep In? Fat Chance!: Yes, after having children, gone are your days of sleeping in past 11:00 A.M. on a Saturday morning. Children seem to have an endless abundance of energy and thrive on routine. Just because it’s a weekend doesn’t mean their internal clock won’t get them up at the same time they would for school! When a child decides to get up, that’s when they get up.

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