This Self-Taught Polish Cosplayer Can Turn Herself Into Literally Anyone, Here Are 20+ Of Her Best Transformations

A Polish cosplayer is astounding the internet with her amazing ability to create some of the best cosplay costumes you’ve ever seen.

Her ability to hone her craft and shape her appearance to become some of the best-known characters in cinema is astounding. Her name is Justyna Sosnowska (also known by her artistic name of Sosenka). By day she works as an architect in Poland, but by night she might be one of the internet’s greatest cosplayers. Sosenka first gained her interest in Cosplay back in 2014. According to her Patreon page, Sosnowska’s materials have become quite costly, but thanks to the generosity of the internet who wishes to continue to see her perform through her special effects makeup, Sosenka now provides tutorials to her work. Stan Winston’s workshop was a huge influence on her work, and Sosenka continues to learn more about her craft and dazzle us with the best cosplay ever.

The following 20+ styles prove the diversity and versatility of Sosenka’s talents. Her costume designs, gender bending characters, and skills with makeup really show.

1) Maleficent: Here, Sosenka dresses up as that all-too-familiar villain Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and later the film Maleficent. The costume itself features the familiar horned headdress, green contact lenses, and the amazing makeup job to give her the highest cheekbones ever. What an amazing job! A simple adjustment to a cloak makes this a very doable, and amazing costume for your next Halloween party.

2) Azog: Sosenka has outdone herself with this cosplay of Azog or The Pale Orc from the Hobbit films. Here, she uses prosthetic makeup shaped from moulds of her own face, then carved to look like the orc, then moulded using silicone. The result is absolutely horrifying and magical. Truly an amazing cosplay.

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