25 Things That Are Unusual That You Have Probably Never Seen

How often do we stop to ponder the unusual things going on around us? Whether it be incredible cloud formations, groundbreaking artwork or simply a human organ, sometimes we need to be reminded of the strange, unexplained happenings out there. Some of them you might never have the chance to see, or maybe this list will motivate you to travel hundreds of miles just to get a glimpse of them, but for the time being immerse yourself in everything weird with these 25 unusual images.

From mystery government sites to crazy rainbow-colored chemicals found in household names, you won’t want to stop reading about these unusual places, inventions, and events you probably didn’t know about before. Prepare to blow your mind with useless but interesting facts you’ll never forget!

1. Secret Area 6 is a secret no more. Everyone is familiar with boring, old Area 51 in Nevada, but did you know there’s a mysterious government site that can be seen on Google Earth only 12 miles away? Built in 2005, the site has a small complex of buildings, a large hangar and a runway that stretches out almost 5,000 feet on the Yucca Flat. The complex has no official name.

area-6-google-mapsGoogle Earth

2. Director of Dutch industrial company Vanku, Henk van Kuijk thought kneeling down to lay bricks into place wasn’t ideal. So, he invented the Tiger Stone paving machine which feeds loose bricks and lays them onto the road to put an end to the time-consuming, back-breaking work. The road-wide device needs 1 to 3 human operators and can cost between $81,485 to $108, 655 US.

path-laying-new-atlasNew Atlas

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