25 Solid Car Hacks That Upgrade Your Driving Experience

We all know that cars can be expensive. You need to pay for insurance, gas and all the maintenance that a car requires. For a lot of car owners, the money they spend on their car can get them down about owning one. Yet there are ways that you can own your car and have some fun with it. Below is a list of 25 solid car hacks that upgrade your driving experience.

1. Hidden Stereos: If you own a car that doesn’t have a cover to keep the dirt from getting in your stereo this might be the car hack for you. Reddit user coleus states to take a DVD case you aren’t using anymore and cut one side of it in half, and the other cut the edge off so you are left with a smooth surface. The side you cut in half you can slip in the slight opening below the radio. Lift up the other half and it should completely cover the stereo.

2. Snack Containers: If you own a car and have been stuck in traffic you know how important this car hack can be. According to Stockpilingmoms.com, when you are done with a container, such as a Coffee-Mate container, clean it out thoroughly. You can take off the labels for the bottles and then fill in some snacks to leave in your car. If you do this car hack the next time you are in a traffic jam you won’t go hungry.

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