25 People Who Got Caught Lying On Social Media

It used to be easy to lie on the internet. Remember the good old days? When you could tell people you were arguing with online that you were 6ft7 and that you could totally beat them up? Well, thanks to social media, post histories and the fact that everyone in the world uses the internet, it’s a lot easier to get caught in a lie. It’s a moment of public shame for those busted, but for everyone else, it provides quite a bit of entertainment.

1. From sea to shining sea (But remember, our seas have to be shinier than others). We begin our journey through people being caught in a lie with this person, an American who is told by a Swedish company the truth about American flag laws. Now that’s a true patriot!

2. You really have to do a lot to stay relevant in Hollywood nowadays. Rotten Tomatoes got told by John Carpenter for saying that he was dead, when in fact, he was still alive. Proven so because he replied to their tweet. What a feeling that must be to check your Twitter feed and see a memorial post about yourself.

3. It’s hard to remember everyone you have on Facebook, especially family who may know the truth of how your daughter died. This anti-vaxxer got totally called out by, what one would assume is a family member, telling the world how this anti-vaxxer’s daughter really died and the fact that this anti-vaxxer is a total liar.

4. Misleading marketing. This seemingly Russian piece of propaganda was outed by a Tumblr poster, who completely shuts down what they call “snide morons on the internet.” He explains the history of why people had to develop a new space pencil and how the story in the picture on the right was total nonsense.

5. How did this rumor even start? This decimation of “Complex” is brought to you by Elon Musk, who totally shoots down their news that he gave Kim and Kanye West a brand new Tesla. Three words for you Complex: “This is false.”

6. You’re insecure, don’t know what for! We travel once again to the land of celebrities busting celebrity hoaxes, with Harry Styles outing this guy to the whole world as a liar. This guy claims he stole Harry Styles’ money at a Tigers game, but Harry Styles wasn’t even AT the Tigers game! How embarrassing!

7. Poor Rory, he just can’t catch a break, can he? Yikes. The poster said that he’s part of an open relationship with his wife, but his mother came out with the truth. Ah, the vivid imagination of a teenage boy. This must have been an awkward conversation between mother and son.

8. The force is strong with this one. Mark Hamill, who is truly a national treasure, comes out to debunk this attempted fact by “Heroic Hollywood.” They said he said his favorite movie is Watchmen, but he gave them a nice three-word shutdown: “No I did NOT.”

9. Starbucks: Truly Making American Great Again! Despite some of the company’s recent controversies, Starbucks still makes an effort to do good. When this Twitter user asked them why they wouldn’t hire 10,000 veterans, they revealed that they were, in fact, hiring 10,000 veterans and that this guy was just an uninformed jerk.

10. Future review. What does this person have against Crepes and Cones? This frazzled reviewer decided to give a restaurant a dreaded one-star review despite the fact that it hadn’t even opened yet.

11. Those darn millennials! This old crumb-bum thinks she can pull the wool over the eyes of the internet, but we are not so easily fooled. Thanks to this Facebook poster, who pointed out the obvious seat behind her. Anything for attention, right?

12. Cleopatra, Queen Victoria, etc. This list goes on, my friend. This poster was confident that a woman has never declared war throughout all of history, and even had the nerve to add a snide “I’ll wait” closing. However, they were quick to be shut down by someone who has actually read a history book.

13. The good old spoon argument. Once again, we return to the anti-vaxxers, who apparently have a penchant for getting proven wrong publicly. An extreme example is met with another extreme answer in this case of Twitter vanquishing.

14. Marketing 101. This person got taken down in a hilarious fashion due to a combination of neglect and ignorance. Next time make sure to take off the shades before you list them as “unworn.” 

15. Well, talk about a pie in the face! This restaurant, O’Charleys, got embarrassingly told by their better-known competitor, Waffle House. They made a claim that Waffle House didn’t sell pie. It might have been a good dig — if it were true. Next time, they should probably check out their competition’s menu before going to Twitter war. 

16. $cience must be different than actual science. Once again, we meet with the anti-vaxxer crowd, who just can’t get enough of being wrong. This one tries to put science into the equation, but mixing science and being anti-vaccination is never a winning combo.

17. A teachable moment. Good ol’ Arnold Schwarzenegger makes an appearance when he shows up this total jerk. The guy talks about how the Special Olympics is dumb and how the Olympics should be for “real athletes,” but Arnie doesn’t ban him immediately. Instead, he uses it as a teachable moment.

18. Now that’s a headline. Well, this is a case of speaking too soon, of counting your chickens before they hatch. This woman stated that her cancer had been cured by her vegan diet, but that did not end up being the case.

19. Don’t mark your calendars quite yet. Once again, we have a misinformed small time news outlet and a celebrity disproving their claims. In this case, MarvelNewz claimed to know the date for the third Guardians of the Galaxy installment, but the writer and director James Gunn begged to differ.

20. Hey, maybe she can bend reality! You don’t know. This moment of shame comes to you from a case of bad photo editing. Sure, the girl on the right LOOKS very thin, but the house in the background swirling into her body suggests you shouldn’t believe everything you see.

21. Racism thwarted once again! Take that racists! This person on the top claimed to have been assaulted at the Black Panther premiere, probably to start some sort of hateful discussion about race. Fortunately, the girl who replied to him recognized the stock photo from Flickr.

22. Empty threats from what seems to be an empty person. This Internet tough guy got totally owned when someone decided to challenge their threat. All it took was one “I’m calling the police” for this guy to backtrack immediately.

23. Germany, China, what’s the difference, right? Once again, we have someone who tried to stir up controversy without knowing what they’re actually talking about. In this case, it’s a mix up in geography that was this person’s downfall.

24. Talk to someone your own age. You can see the sentiment this person was trying to go for, but they really messed up the execution. It’s a pretty bold statement to make and one that this poster did not think out thoroughly.

25. Womp! We end our little journey with this desperate cry for attention, which goes down in flames thanks to an airline that definitely did not put a person in a suitcase on their plane. Adam may end up getting a substantial amount of views now, but not for the reasons he was hoping.

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