25 Subtle Celebrity Cameos You Might Have Missed

A lot of films have had celebrity cameos, but a lot of us may have missed them. There are many reasons why we might have missed these celebrity cameos. Some of these reasons might include the prosthetics they were wearing, if they were CGIed, and many other reasons. We have compiled a list of 25 celebrity cameos of the past and present that you may have missed.

1. Trevor Noah in Black Panther: The reason many of us missed Trevor Noah being in Black Panther was because he was CGI’d in. If you were one of the few that realized he was in the film, it’s probably because you recognized his voice. He was the voice of the ship that Everett Ross, who was played by Martin Freeman, flies to help out the people of Wakanda.

2. Ron Jeremy in Ghostbusters: We aren’t talking about the all-female remake, but the original 1984 version. You  probably find it strange that a well-known porn star did a cameo in a family-friendly film, and so do we. If you want to look out for his cameo you’re going to have to wait until the explosion happens at the Ghostbusters headquarters. He is the extra looking on after the explosion happens. In the image below, he is the last man on the far left.

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