25 Celebrity Dads Thriving At Fatherhood

It’s not always easy to be a father in the public spotlight, but these celebrity dads make it look easy. The 25 celebrity dads on this list are doing things that every father should do. That’s why these 25 celebrity dads are the definition of dad goals.

1. Chris Hemsworth. Not every dad knows how to surf, but Chris Hemsworth was born in Australia surrounded by the beautiful ocean. Hemsworth captioned this adorable Instagram photo, “On the hunt for some barrels with my little surf coach.”

2. Dax Shepard. You know you’re reaching every level of dad goals when you dress up for your children. Dax Shepard ended up playing the role of “little sister,” while his 3-year-old was “big brother” and 5-year-old was “Mommy.” Shepard doesn’t appear to be having a lot of fun. However, he explained on Instagram that Mommy was being strict.

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