25 Hilarious Times It Didn’t Pay To Cheat

Our parents always told us that cheaters never prospered. While that’s sometimes not true (witness the President’s latest infidelity scandal!) karma sometimes throws a wrench in the works for would-be cheaters. Check out these 25 cheating fails pulled from Reddit users if you need your faith in a just universe restored

“A student had to write a film review. The paper they handed in had HTML links and advertisements on it. They had printed the page out of the browser.” (MioneDarcy)

“My stepbrother and I were in the same English class in high school. We had a multiple choice test on a book we had finished reading. My step brother asked to go to the bathroom, and while he was out someone summoned our teacher over to ask a question. The teacher was down on one knee going over whatever the student asked in a very quiet voice when my stepbrother walked back in. He looked around and didn’t see the teacher, and assuming he had stepped out, quickly picked up his test, and (still standing and raising his test in the air) yells “alright, who has the answers to test B?!!!”…The teacher then stood up and asked him to meet him in the hallway. I busted out laughing.
Ironically, this did cause the teacher to leave the room, which was an ideal time for anyone else to actually cheat.” (BeerNcheesePlz)

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