25 Cleaning Hacks Literally Everyone Needs To Know

There are many shortcuts in life that we would love to have knowledge of. One of the biggest ones is to have cleaning shortcuts or ways for us to save money when it comes to cleaning our homes and cars. Well, if you are one of these people you have come to the right place. Below is a list of cleaning hacks that will help you save money and/or time. They may even make you enjoy cleaning.

1. How To Clean Your Broom: All of us have used our brooms to get those dusty cobwebs off of our ceilings. Or we may have just used our brooms to sweep the floor. Either way, the ends of our brooms are always left with fluff and cobwebs. A simple way to clean the ends of brooms is to soak them in soapy water for one hour. Just remember to rinse them off before putting them away.

2. How To Clean Your Exhaust Fan: One part of our homes that we always forget to clean is the exhaust fan. Because we constantly forget to do it, a lot of dirt builds up in there. A simple way to clean out these exhausts is by buying a can of air and shooting the air into the exhaust fan. This will clean out the dust that has accumulated in there.

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