25 Things That Should Be Common Knowledge But Aren’t

You find yourself at some cocktail party and a weirdo in a lapel who CLAIMS to have a 5.0-grade average asks you: “did you know that there’s a sport where you juggle and jog? It’s called joggling”. You shake your head no and everyone has a good laugh at what an uncultured swine you are. Then the cocktail party weirdo leaves with your significant other. Bummer!

Did really you not know that? REALLY? WOW, that’s pretty weird! I mean, I thought everyone did but I guess YOU didn’t. Hey, don’t get discouraged, I’m not trying to single you out or anything. Here, take these 25 Things That Should Be Common Knowledge But Aren’t, so next time you’re more prepared! And remember, there are always plenty more fish in the sea!

1. Free speech protects you from the government, not consequences. Apparently, according to the law, your right to free speech pretty much covers anything you want to say (with some exceptions). So, the long arm of the law can’t touch you for your words, but other people certainly can. For example, legally you’re allowed to call your grade six teacher a tyrant on Twitter, but they’re ALSO allowed to tweet back with: “why don’t you go fail Geography again, loser?”. 

2. Frankenstein is the doctor, not the monster. For those of us that read this book in sophomore year, this is common knowledge but you’ll be surprised at how many people actually mess this up! Now, what was the monster’s name… Berry or something. It’s been a while, okay? 

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