25 Shocking Confessions From Cops That’ll Leave You Speechless

There’s no doubt about it, Police Officers have some of the most difficult jobs. From dealing with domestic disputes, to drug busts, to even the routine traffic stop, their daily routines are filled with unexpected challenges every day.

According to Wikipedia, there are approximately 44,000 sworn in police officers working in the United States, and another 100,000 employees that work in law enforcement. The conflict between law enforcement and citizenry is also at times in a point of tension when some of these police officers abuse the law to carry out unnecessary violence against people of color. However, there are a lot of hard-working police officers that have to deal with a lot of difficult and challenging situations. There are even times when police officers have to deal with bizarre or even humorous situations.

The following 25 Confessions From Cops by Reddit users will leave you laughing, crying, and hopefully, with a better understanding of the difficult task they deal with.

1) First Experience With A Psychopath: Worst criminal I’ve ever encountered was a teenager who had murdered two men by stabbing them in the head with a screwdriver. The thing that disturbed me the most about him was his complete lack of remorse whatsoever for the crime. I never really understood was a psychopath was until that moment in my life. (Reddit user: seanbeag)

2) Is There A Problem Officer?: One late night I was on patrol and found a van parked in a rural area. The driver’s side door was open and the driver had his legs sticking out of the window propped up. The guy was completely passed out and had no idea I was even there. When I shook him to wake him, he sat back in his seat, did up his seatbelt and closed the door then said “is there a problem Officer?” The guy was drunk out of his mind. (Reddit user: FartingtonFartsworth)

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