25 Cosmetic Products That Aren’t Really Helpful At All

A lot of us use cosmetic products hoping that they will help us fix something simple like split ends or something more complicated like reducing the appearance of stretch marks. For all of you out there that wear cosmetic products, or use cosmetic products, there are some that aren’t really helpful. It’s hard to figure out what cosmetic products are the ones that don’t work, but luckily for you, we are here to help you out.

Below is a list of 25 cosmetic products that aren’t really helpful at all.

1. Split End Products: When it comes to our hair one thing we hate is split ends. The truth is, according to healthyway.com, that there is no solution to fixing these pesky split ends unless we get our hair cut. The next time you’re at the store and think about picking up the shampoo that states it will fix your split ends: don’t. Any cosmetic products that claim to fix split ends aren’t really helpful at all.

2. Expensive Creams Compared To Cheap Creams: There is a thought that many people have about the price of items. We think that if an item is more expensive it will work better than items that are cheap. According to healthyway.com, all creams work the same for our skin no matter the price. Expensive creams are cosmetic products that aren’t any more helpful than cheap ones.

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