25 Randomly Awesome Pics You Won’t Want To Miss

So you’re having one of those days. Nothing seems to go right, and you just feel like defeat is around every corner. It just seems like nothing will lift your spirits out of the doldrums. Then, like a shining beacon of hope, you see it: a collection of random pictures. What could be in there? Those random pictures could literally be anything!

You go to check it out, and before you know it you’re laughing, you’re astounded, you’re interested, and your day is already going better. That’s the magic that a bunch of random pictures can have. They can make your day seem just a little bit better. Not only that, but they can bring people together.

“Hey Randy,” you yell at your friend, Randy, “come look at these random pictures with me!” Then you and Randy are both laughing. You’ve shared the joy, and in doing so, you’ve made the world a slightly better place.

1. But if he wants a treat, he has to drop the ball: This dog looks pretty proud of his accomplishment: fitting an entire tennis ball in his mouth. You’d like to give him a treat, but then he has to give up everything he has worked for. Does he sacrifice the ball for a treat? Of course he does. He is a dog.

2. Everybody has an ugly side: Some people just have to work harder to show it off. Such as this girl, who in most other circumstances is an attractive person. However, no one can be attractive forever and in every situation. So rather than getting found out, this girl just put right out on front street.

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