25 Winners Of 2017’s A’ Design Award & Competition That Are Genius

The A’ Design Award & Competition puts the spotlight on talented designers and design-oriented companies in the press. This design competition is focused on providing a fair and ethical platform for innovators to share their success and talents to a wider audience by bringing attention to some of the best designs and products.

Aside from all that, it’s really just a ton of fun seeing some of these incredible – and incredibly genius – ideas that these designers have come up with. I can guarantee almost all of these designs will have you scratching your head wondering how it’s possible no one has come up with these brilliant ideas sooner. So sit back, get comfortable, and prepare to be amazed!

1. Spot Multifunctional Sofa by Vinicius Lopes and Gabriela Kuniyoshi. Everyone can go out and buy any old couch that appears to be decently comfortable, but do we really take the time to consider the functionality and convenience of it? Designers Vinicius Lopes and Gabriela Kuniyoshi say their invention is ‘a comfortable sofa that with the addition of several accessories to its structure can be used to study, work, place, and store objects, and recharge electronic devices. It offers more than one option of configuration, backrest length and number of arms can be chosen, for example, creating different combinations to suit several layouts and needs while adapting to both large and small spaces.’ Who wouldn’t want to trade up any old sofa for something like this?

2. Meditation Seat Ware Seat Ware by Gao Fenglin. Many people have begun to understand the benefits of meditation and try to incorporate it into their daily lives. Although the cross-legged posture has been around for centuries, designer Gao Fenglin points out that we rarely see cross-legged sitting furniture. This inspired the Meditation Seat Ware for cross-legged sitting to help people get into the meditation realm, and to retain our body’s energy.

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