12 People Very Disappointed With Their Beauty Buys, And 13 People Who Are Just The Opposite

Anyone who wears makeup knows that you get some good purchases and also some bad. Whether we buy the product from the store or online, there is always the risk that the product we bought isn’t going to be what we hoped. For 12 makeup enthusiasts below, they were very disappointed in the product that they ordered or bought in store. And for the other 13, well, they were the lucky ones because they bought the products they hoped for.

1. The Perfect Dip Brow: There might be nothing more important for a person to do when wearing makeup than shaping their eyebrows. This girl knows what I’m talking about. She bought the very popular Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow which perfectly sculpts and defines the brows. It may look like a makeup mistake in this photo, but once she removes the cream she will be left with perfectly sculpted brows.

2. Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows: For all those aspiring makeup enthusiasts, this is how your eyebrows should look! By now everyone should know that they should be applying makeup to their eyebrows. Because it’s the eyebrows that shape the entire face. It’s so important that this girl spoke loud and proud about her IT Cosmetics brow pencil purchase.

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