25 Funny Dog Tweets That Are Too Relatable

What did we do to deserve dogs? Seriously, when evolution/god/whatever was creating the world, what made it/him/whatever think we were worthy of such amazing, loving creatures? Surely we’ve never done anything in human history that would allow us to have dogs? And if we have, surely we’ve done something even worse to make us undeserving. Anyways, we have dogs, so let’s enjoy them and all their doggy goodness.

Here are 25 Funny Dog Tweets That Are Too Relatable.

1. More like employee of a lifetime. Yes, she’s an amazing co-worker. Always comes when she’s called, always completes her task at hand whether it be sit OR stay. I do have a problem with her always eating my lunch, but I hope some time in the HR crate will set her straight.

2. Well, of course, what were you expecting? Everyone has a co-pilot when they’re driving. I myself have my best friend Brendan, some people will choose their spouse and this lady obviously has her dog. It makes sense, he always picks the best music.

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