25 People Who Made Hilarious Drunk Decisions

Some experts say that humans have been brewing beer for almost five thousand years. Our distant ancestors were also pretty fond of getting turning it up and partying with their pals at the club (the club, of course, being the campfire, one can assume). So you probably shouldn’t feel bad when you wake up hungover and late for work, humans have been doing that since they were evolved enough to figure out fermentation! So sit back, relax and enjoy these next few humans who overindulged in the alcohol department.

1. Well, at least it’s better than walking. That must’ve been one uneventful car ride home if they couldn’t remember it right after being dropped off. Either that, or the person was so blacked out they didn’t even remember getting dropped off in the first place.

2. And BLAST OFF! Those have to be some seriously slippery floors if she can just zip from one side of the kitchen to the other like that. Also, she must have an iron stomach or at least not be that drunk, because that would put any drunk person’s belly into the depths of queasiness.

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