24 Hilariously Honest Comics That Capture The Parenting Experience

Any person who is a parent can testify how both challenging and rewarding it is to have a child in your life.

A lot of the time, taking care of your children can be incredibly stressful. Thankfully there are brilliant and rare artists out there like Yllya, who not only use their gifts to illustrate what it’s like to be a parent, but also pair this with humor that is so true to life that these comics are downright hilarious!

Yllya is a french illustrator and mother, who perfectly captures what it’s like to be a parent with her amazing artwork that she uploads to her Instagram account! Each comic illustrates a tiny scene that stems from her real life interactions with her young daughter, which sparks incredible feelings of solidarity among fellow parents. The comics are so funny that even people without children would enjoy reading them! Every person should be following her Instagram account immediately! Her artwork is inspiring, riveting, and downright hilarious. The following 24 comics demonstrate Yllya’s success as both a mother and an artist:

1) Sometimes The Kids Aren’t Your Children: In this 4 panel series, Yllya showcases that although our children can add to our already gigantic pile of stress, sometimes it’s our spouses that take the risks that are usually attributed to our children. You just can’t stop someone who’s a child-at-heart from going out to play as well!

2) Bedtime is Stresstime: Trying to get young children to go to bed can always be a challenging endeavour. Especially if you have a very strong willed and independent thinking toddler! You might think that children are our prisoners, but Yllya takes this concept to the next level and delivers us with a punchline that makes us think otherwise!

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