25 Of The Worst Design Fails That Should’ve Never Happened

Aesthetic is the name of the game for designers, but sometimes it’s so much so that functionality or performance can get swept under the visually pleasing rug. While most kinks get ironed out by the number of people who review a designer’s work before launching, there are some cases where faulty designs have slipped through the cracks.

Everyone is prone to making the occasional mistake, but unfortunately for designers, their blunders are much more public. How these slip-ups managed to make it past review is beyond us, but whoever was responsible most likely had quite a bit of explaining to do. Here are 25 hilarious design fails that really should have never happened.

1. You would think that proofreading a children’s book would be pretty easy, but apparently, that’s not the case. If the sole purpose of your book is to teach kids how to count, you should really do more than a once over to make sure you’re giving the right information. Hopefully, the kids who received this copy as a learning tool aren’t haunted throughout the rest of their lives by that extra banana.

2. It makes sense that they would have the painter do their job before they plastered the gender signs on top, but they really should have let them know which one was which. This is one situation where looking at the bigger picture is ultimately a mistake. You can only imagine that more people walk into the wrong washroom than the right one due to this mural.

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