20+ Of The Weirdest People Ever Spotted Riding On The Subway

Anyone who’s ever had to take public transit knows that seeing weird subway people or the occasional oddball character is par for the course of city life.

Most major cities with large transit systems and subways have to cram as many people into the rail cars as possible. This, of course, means that you’re bound to bump into some weird subway people. Seeing that many people on a daily basis will allow you to bump into the occasional person or situation that will no doubt leave you with a story to tell your friends for years. On rare occasions, some even managed to snap a photo to immortalize the strange and unusual people you see on the subway. Picture it, you’re on your usual morning commute from your home to your office. You step into the train car, find a seat, then tune out all the people around you for the rest of the commute. However, on your next stop, the doors open in front of you, and suddenly you’re face to face with a group of clowns. These clowns race into the car, giggling, laughing, and aware of how strange this must be for everyone. You try your best to tune them out, but your commute is now a circus for the entire ride to your office. The following 20+ weird subway people will leave you scratching your head.

1) Go, Go, Transit Rangers: These people in Japan have witnessed the Power Rangers en route to their next mission. Well… not really, but imagine how funny it would be to start up your day, as usual, only to have your subway car be filled with people in ranger suits? If your imagination gets the best of you, you might wonder if there’s a ridiculous monster nearby that will disrupt your commute, so these rangers can spring into action to save you. What is more likely is that these 5 “Transit Rangers” are en route to a Comicon, or cosplay event.

2) Subway Creep: This dude seems normal enough. There are plenty of “reading” people on the subway. Sometimes you can get suggestions or ideas of what the next big book to read is, but on the odd occasion, you bump into one of these weird subway people who is reading a book that is ridiculously strange. The title of this book is, “How to Meet Women On The Subway” … we suspect photoshop might be to blame here, but either way, it makes this a very strange situation.

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