25 People Share A Baffling Occurrence They Finally Understood Years Later

Ever had something happen to you that you just don’t understand? Well, you’re not alone. A recent Reddit thread asked people about a baffling event that they finally realized the meaning of years later. Here are 25 of the best!

1. “Years ago, I was surfing the internet late at night with my fiance’s bro sitting at the desk next to me. We were watching stupid videos on youtube, when, out of the corner of my eye, I see a can of soda move across the desk. He asks me, “Did that Coke can just move?” I told him that I wasn’t going to say anything, but YES it did just move. We were both pretty freaked out.
Fast forward two years later. Middle of broad daylight, I had a Big Gulp sitting on the desk that had been there for a little while when I see a drip of condensation slide down to the bottom… then, the cup moves an inch or two. Basically, if I put a drink on a specific part of that desk there is a bit of an incline and if condensation gets under it, it’ll move.
For two years that moving can story was my go-to “ghostly encounter” story.” (prophane33)

2. “I was going on a date with this guy, and we were supposed to meet at a restaurant. On my way there, I decided it would be sweet to bring him a flower.
I pulled into a gas station and went inside (mind you, this was kind of a rough part of the city and I was young and naïve). After looking around for a minute, I said to the attendant, “Do you have flowers?”
“A rose?” He asked.
“Yeah, a rose, perfect!”
He gave me a really uneasy look, and said, “Do… Do you have your ID?”
“My ID? For what? To buy a rose?”
He just nodded while still looking at me like I was a lunatic. I mumbled something about changing my mind and left, thinking he was a pervert or something. I went on my date and didn’t think about it again.
Years later while working as a counselor at a rehab, I discovered that a “rose” is slang for a crack pipe. I tried to buy a f—ing crack pipe.” (Roger_Klotz_Day)

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