25 Times The World Made Us Want To Flip A Table

We have all been in that time when we saw something and thought about flipping a table. We don’t mean flipping a table in a frustrated way, but in a shocked way. You did it because you were shocked at what you saw. If you want to have more of these moments then look no further.

Below is a list of 25 times the world made us want to flip a table.

1. Where’s Waldo?: There was a time when we were all obsessed with the Where Is Waldo? game. When this guy was dressed in a similar outfit as Waldo and he got taken away by police this meme was created. It’s so accurate and shocking that it will make some of you want to flip a table over it. It also brings us nostalgia to when we were younger and played this game.

2. Tom’s Anonymous: This is hilarious and such a shocking mistake that it will make you want to flip a table. If someone wishes to remain anonymous that means they don’t want their name to be published. It turns out that this newspaper in Ireland decided to name the source regardless of if they wished to remain anonymous or not.

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