25 Funny Pics That Put The Whole Human Comedy On Display

We know that life can get hard sometimes. And when those times happen, we all need a laugh. Sometimes a laugh is hard to find in today’s world. The one thing we know is that no matter how upset we get, there is nothing funnier than witnessing human comedy. The only issue is, it’s rare we witness it in real life. But luckily for you, we have compiled a list of 25 funny pictures that put human comedy on display. So if you want to have a laugh, or two, or three, or more continue on reading.

1. Happy, Hungry Dog: There’s nothing like going to see a ball game in the summertime. You get to sit back and enjoy a sport with other like-minded people, and enjoy great food. And this dog knows it. He isn’t only happy because he is watching the game, but because of all the food that’s surrounding him. To the guy that took this photo, watch out because that dog is coming for your meal!

2. The Universe Miss Teen USA: Diversity has been an issue in the entertainment industry for a long time. But it is finally being talked about. The hilarious thing about this screenshot is that Chrissy Teigen called out the Miss Teen USA’s lack of diversity. Using her sarcasm she spoke volumes to make a change. It’s also hilarious because it’s the truth.


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