25 Futuristic Offices That Reinvent The Workplace

Most of us think of office spaces being a drab labyrinth of cubicles that holds its staff hostage from 9 to 5. However, many companies are straying from this stereotype by infusing some futuristic fun into the workplace. From indoor slides to rooftop mini putt, these offices make working from home lose its appeal. Here are 25 futuristic offices that reinvent the workplace.

1. It’s raining; It’s pouring. The elevator doors are closing. This office building in Osaka, Japan features some very special elevators. That umbrella symbol you see there signifies when it’s raining outside, giving you tons of time to mentally prepare yourself and curse that you once again forgot your umbrella.

2. Looks like “Spaceballs” got the future right. Well, kind of. While it’s not “Perri-air,” this poster’s doctor’s office has a machine that turns air moisture into water, which you can then drink. Hey, as long as nobody coughs their diseases into the air, why not?

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