25 Geniuses Who Might’ve Just Gotten It Right

When it comes to solving problems in the face of any challenge, humans are the best. Some people create genius hacks that are so clever, they have to be featured here.

Many people figure out clever ways to eat food while performing other tasks or to find a way to cut corners with a household chore. Have you ever been sitting at home, wishing you could kill two birds with one stone? Or perhaps something has broken on you, and you need to figure out an immediate solution? Problem-solving is a great skill to have in any situation, even if it’s a mildly silly one. Whenever you learn a new life hack, there’s a great feeling of accomplishment and you can’t help but want to share this knowledge with everyone you know. This is why we feel compelled to share these genius hacks that are so smart, they will change the way you think about everything.

The following 25 geniuses might have just gotten everything right with these amazing life hacks.

1) Eat Your Take-Out In The Bath: Who doesn’t love a good long bath? The water is warm, relaxing, and really helps you feel good. However, bathing in warm water also makes you feel extremely relaxed and you might find it difficult to have to eat dinner afterward. No matter, you can actually use styrofoam takeout containers as a floatation plate. Now you can eat while you bathe. What a time saver!

2) Broken Razor Is No Problem: This poor young lad had broken his razor but didn’t want to waste money by throwing it away. His solution? Take a pair of needle nose pliers and use them to hold the blade in place while you shave! Honestly, this trick is very clever. What a fantastic way to solve a problem in the face of inconvenience.  

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