25 Pics That Are Actually Too Good For This Universe

When we come across a really funny photo we think that it’s too good for this universe. We immediately want to share it with the world, which usually means we are going to be posting it online. If you love looking at funny photos than you have come to the right place. Below is a list of 25 pictures that are actually too good for this universe.

1. Shawn Mendes: We have all been there when we have dropped either our phone or our friend’s. We are relieved that the phone isn’t broken. Shawn Mendes has been in the similar predicament. He was taking a photo with a fan and accidentally dropped her phone. He was really relieved to find out no damage was caused.

2. Space Garlic: This photo is way too good for this universe. It seriously isn’t though because it takes place in outer space. This photo is hilarious because it is totally true. We are always predicting that in the future technology is going to advance to great lengths. Well, it turns out that it really does, especially when it comes to places garlic bread can go.

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