13 People Who Got It So Right And 12 More People Who Got It So Wrong

Life is not divided into black and white, in fact, life is mostly just a whole bunch of grey areas. What you perceive to be good may actually bring something bad while something that is considered to be bad may actually bring forth good fortune.

Life just consists of a whole bunch of cycles. After pain and sorrow is happiness, and after pleasure and happiness comes pain once again. Embracing the fact that life is a cycle will help you and those around you achieve a serene yet deep balance. But sometimes, our intent to do something good may be misconstrued as an evil deed or sometimes charitable thoughts end up causing more harm than good.

So whether it be a great gift for your daughter’s birthday or some horribly under-seasoned chicken breast, here are 25 instances where some people got it spot on while others just failed miserably.

1. We are about 3 months into the new year and most of us have either given up on our resolutions or remained steadfast to our annual goals. While many people want to eat healthier and get that ‘summer body’, going to a workplace where the pantry is filled with delicious but calorie-dense foods is no way to go about reaching our physique goals. So when this employee informed their boss that they wanted to make healthier food choices the boss decided to gift them with a lettuce donut.

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