25 Hilarious People Who Can Only Be Described As Extra

When we come across extra people we immediately know it. There is something about them that makes everything an adventure or everything a soap opera. Even though we might roll our eyes when they complain about something, there is a part of us that secretly loves it. Below is a list of 25 hilarious people who can only be described as extra.

1. Sister Sign: When a sister was coming home from a school trip she was excited to see her family again. But what she ended up seeing when she saw her sister is a sign that congratulated her on her stint in rehab. This is one hilarious sister that can only be described as extra.

2. Friendship: When this girl’s friend got on the ground at the perfect angle to take her photo, she knew this guy was the greatest dude out there. Even though he was seriously extra about the whole thing. Come on, no one needs to get on the ground like that just to take a photo of someone. We have to admit this is hilarious though.

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