25 Hilarious History Memes That Should Be Shown In History Classes

A lot of angsty teens these days will tell you they were born at the wrong time. “2018 is the worst” they cry “The movies suck. The music sucks. The President sucks. My school sucks. My parents suck. Everything SUCKS! I wish I was born in the 20s, where I could dance and wear pearls and hang out with Zelda Fitzgerald and that one drunk guy.” Well there, Allie Angston, did you think about polio? And the depression? And the World Wars? And if you have a problem with “Nazis” in 2018, boy oh boy wait until 1939…

We also forget the most important factor missing from the past– the MEMES! The sweet, glorious memes that we have devoted ourselves too, that we bow down to and obey, for which we would gladly lay down our lives. But worry not, dear reader, because your old pals here at Bestie have listed some of the funniest memes from history. So just in case you’re doing some time travel, bring this list with you! I’m sure so inbred, dirt covered, illiterate 14th-century English peasant would find my humor funny!

Prepare for your past blast with these 25 Hilarious History Memes That Should Be Shown In History Classes.

1. Who DID win that war again? England, by any chance, do you remember who won the war for American Independence? Darn, this is really bugging me… I’m just kidding, we all know it was the glorious US of A who came out on top. Yes sir, you’re hard-pressed to find a war the good old stars and stripes HASN’T won…before 1945.

2. What? Come on Hitler, why are you so paranoid? Maybe stop letting your doctors give you so much of that “special candy”. Oh, Benedict Cumberbatch, what would we have done in World War 2 without your incredible code-breaking skills? And the man looks incredible for his age, I mean by now he’s gotta be at LEAST 90!

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