25 ‘Hmmm’ Photos That Raise More Questions Than They Will Answer

Alright, so you’ll find yourself posing a lot of questions while reading this here article. Mostly what you’d expect: the who, the why, the how, the where and the what am I looking at? Sure, you can seek out answers, but cross every desert, swim every ocean, climb every mountain and you’ll still find nothing. It’s probably best to shut your brain off, read this article and OBEY YOU SHEEP. Er, I mean laugh.

This is 25 ‘Hmmm’ Photos That Raise More Questions Than They Will Answer.

1. The New iPhone 8 is looking even more delicious than in the commercial! It has a brand new 4k megapixel camera, animoji capability and of course, it is waterproof. Just don’t put it in boiling water, unless of course, you’re a broke college student. Of course, they changed the charger and took out the headphone jack though.

2. And they said Crocs were tacky! As an avid Croc wearer, I applaud this man’s devotion to the cause. What cause could croc wearers (i.e. dads and lazy people) possibly have? Well, dear reader, there is a stigma against footwear in this country. It’s disgusting the way we treat others because of the way they choose to live life!

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