25 Hotel Fails Captured By Disappointed Guests

Have you ever been to a hotel and been entirely disappointed? Well, you’re not the only one! We have all been there. Not every place ends up looking as good as the pictures on the website did. However, these people experienced disappointment on a whole other level. Below is a list of 25 hotels that failed so badly all you can do is laugh.

1. Window? This guy was traveling in Cambodia when he thought he got a good hotel. After checking in, he was checking out his room, only to find out that there was no window. However, the hotel went to great lengths to make their guests believe they might have a view by putting up curtains for no reason whatsoever.

2. Suggestion Box. Customer suggestion boxes are often found in hotels, but most hotels don’t treat them this way. If you didn’t notice, this “customer suggestion box” is actually a paper shredder. It doesn’t seem like this hotel cares too much what you think.

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