25 Tombstones By People With A Sense Of Humor

On one hand, death is never a funny thing. Losing a family member can be crushing, knowing that you’ll never see that person again as long as you live. Then again, the best comfort we can find in death is laughter. A brief burst of happiness can save us from the depression we feel after someone passes. Luckily for us, the people who requested these epitaphs must’ve had a good sense of humor in life, because their gravestones are hilarious in death. Talk about comic relief!

1. Age is clearly not an excuse. This is the grave of American farmer and Revolutionary war soldier, Samuel Whittemore. According to War History Online, Whittemore was actually 78, but the story etched on his gravestone is very much true. He was the oldest known soldier in the Revolutionary army.

2. Well, they probably should’ve listened. This tragic tale is a little tongue in cheek as well with the gravestone reading: “She always said her feet were killing her, but no one believed her.” At least, you have to hope this story is tongue in cheek.

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